After sharing a brief guide on exhaust for beginners, we are now going to share the many benefits of having aftermarket exhaust parts. When thinking about doing modifications to a vehicle, many people think about what’s under the hood. However, one of the easiest and cheapest upgrades can be done under the car – performance exhaust.

Performance Exhaust Options

There are several options when it comes to a new exhaust system. The first step is to select which parts to replace out of the old system. Check out our previous post for an exhaust visual reference.

Exhaust System Type

Replacement Area

Improved Performance

Relative Cost

Axle-Back From rear axle to tailpipe Sound and style

Minimal affect on fuel economy or horsepower

More affordable than other types
Cat-back From catalytic converter to tailpipe Sound and style

Moderate affect on fuel economy and horsepower

More expensive than axle-back

Less expensive than header back

Header Back From header to tailpipe Improves sound, style, horsepower, and fuel economy More expensive than other types


Performance Exhaust Benefits

There are four performance benefits for an updated exhaust system. Sound, style, horsepower and fuel economy.


This one may or may not be important to you, depending on your age and preferences. An aftermarket exhaust can greatly improve the sound of your engine.


Even though appearance is not the main reason to opt for an aftermarket system, large tips and a polished muffler add a new dimension to the attractiveness of your vehicle.


While it won’t deliver the same kind of performance boost a turbocharger or supercharger will, you can add several horsepower to the system by reducing (but not eliminating) back pressure. While back pressure is necessary, it can stifle your engine somewhat if it’s too high.

Fuel Economy

You might not think it, but adding an aftermarket exhaust system to your car can have an impact on the amount of fuel your engine consumes during operation. Again, the numbers won’t be astronomical, but you can definitely see a boost in fuel economy, particularly if you opt for a full exhaust replacement rather than just a cat-back or axle-back replacement.

No matter what direction you choose, an aftermarket exhaust is sure to add to your car or truck’s performance, appearance, and sound. Whether you’re looking for more power, show-quality looks, or both, the right exhaust system can change your car or truck for the better.

Regardless of the parts you decide to replace, a good aftermarket exhaust will definitely add to your vehicle’s performance, appearance and sound. Research and find what’s best for your vehicle and budget. Check out our store for your performance exhaust needs!



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